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Engineering Biomaterials for Neural Applications

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

(2022) Editor: Elizabeth Nance

Springer Cham Publishing

Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-031-11408-Published: 29 October 2022;

Softcover ISBN 978-3-031-11411-3Due: 12 November 2023

About this book: This contributed volume explores the ways in which researchers engineer new biomaterials for the challenging problems of the peripheral and central nervous systems. These biomaterials are uniquely positioned for use in creating in vitro models of injury and disease, testing therapeutic treatments, understanding neural development, and mapping the multi-scalar environment of the brain. This book informs readers from biology, chemistry, materials science, engineering, and neuroscience on cutting edge research in engineering technologies, from fundamental material development through pre-clinical studies. The book also highlights target applications in three areas of research: (1) engineering neural models and materials, (2) probing biological underpinnings of neurological function and disease, and (3) designing therapeutic and diagnostic treatments for neurological disease.

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