Below are Podcasts focused on the research questions the Nance lab pursues at the University of Washington


Check out Elizabeth’s interview on the number one scientific podcast STEM-talk about what got her into science, her training path in research and her labs’ current and long term goals at the University of Washington.

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STEM-Talk is an interview podcast show produced by the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, a not-for-profit research lab pioneering ground-breaking technologies aimed at leveraging and extending human cognition, perception, locomotion and resilience. Twice a month, we talk to groundbreaking scientists, engineers and technologists. Our interviews focus on the science that our subjects are engaged with, as well as their careers, motivations, education, and passions. Think of them as “profiles in science.” Download Episodes on iTunes!

Nourish Balance Thrive

In this podcast NBT Scientific Director Megan Roberts interviews Elizabeth about her research in nanotechnology and its application in medical development and delivery. They discuss the potential applications of her work for the diagnosis and treatment of debilitating diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. They also talk about the message behind Elizabeth’s 2016 TED talk on the importance of exploring unfamiliar territory as a catalyst for growth and mastery.


Elizabeth Nance from the University of Washington talks about the use of nanoparticles to treat neurological diseases. We discuss what makes nanoparticles such interesting vehicles for delivering drugs to the brain, how her lab interrogates this process, and why laboratory success so often fails to translate into people. Elizabeth also shares her perspective on how to train future scientists and engineers to operate in a complex, interdisciplinary world. When a conversation begins with a story of a stolen brain, you know it's going to be good! (Recorded on February 15, 2018. Edited by Andrew Cannon)


Women in Science: Bridging the Gender Gap

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) - It’s a group of academic disciplines and professions that have historically been male-dominated. In 2017, women held 47% of all jobs in the US, but only 24% of STEM jobs. As a result, we are lacking the perspectives of women in fields that contribute heavily to our progress as a society. On the Nourish Balance Thrive podcast, NBT Scientific Director Megan Roberts is talking with Elizabeth Nance, PhD, and Brianna Stubbs, PhD, scientists leading teams of researchers in the areas of biotechnology and physiology. The trio talk about the unique aspects of being women in scientific fields, including the importance of allies and mentors, imposter syndrome, and identifying your own biases.

Listen to the podcast here.

Career Path Podcasts

Considering a degree path in Chemical Engineering? Want to be an Engineer that works in Medicine? Check out the interviews below for insights!

Chemical Engineering Applied To Medicine

On the STEM on FIRE podcast, host Jeff Nigh interviews Elizabeth in rapid-fire format on her decisions to pursue chemical engineering and direct research applied to medicine.

Listen to the podcast here

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