Our overarching goal is to develop tools that inform how we can more effectively treat the diseased brain, using nanotechnology as both a probe and as a therapeutic delivery vehicle. We integrate in vitro to in vivo models with imaging, molecular biology, and data science tools to extract statistically relevant information that captures changes in the brain that might influence how a therapeutic behaves. We have used the information gathered from application of these tools to design nano-based therapeutics that can achieve region- and cell-specific targeting in the brain for improved neuroprotection in a variety of brain injury models. Our research is carried out by team of creative individuals who are at the core of what makes the Nance Lab such a unique and fulfilling place to work.


Quantify and Predict Nanoparticle Fate


Develop Fluorescent Image Analysis Methods


Engineer Nanotherapeutics for Neurological Disease


Collaborate to Drive Research Innovation


Probe Developmental and Disease Processes


Create Code and Build Data Repositories

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